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About Mother Earth

How It Started

This journey of becoming Mother Earth has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life. When I first started cooking with cannabis I never imagined that all I've accomplished was even possible. I bet you wouldn't believe me if I told you that my cannabis empire starts with chicken and waffles. Let tell me tell you how it began.



I'm originally from Louisiana so I've been blessed with something that most people just don't have, IT. That's right, my hand was literally yielded from pure perfection and I'm willing to stake my career on that. I've also been an avid cannabis user for the last 8 years. I absolutely love everything about cannabis. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that you can mix them both. I was hooked. I wanted to know everything I possibly could about "Cooking With Cannabis".


I was over at one of my homies house and we were just chilling, smoking weed and watching YouTube. We came across a video on Most Expensivest with 2Chainz and it was an episode featuring Cannabis Chef Zarilla Bacon and she made infused chicken wings, lobster and more. She was charging $20 per wing! That's when it happened, I had my Eureka! Moment.


From that one video I was down a rabbit hole. I watched almost every YouTube video I could find. I read so many articles and books trying to figure out how you get the weed into the actual food. It was frustrating but I finally figured it out and it was a done deal after that. I was making butter like I was in a factory. My Best Friend, Ceven Imperial, told me to start selling infused plates. I was reluctant at first but we tried it. I went to the simplest but most delicious meal I could find.. Chicken and waffles, everyone loves chicken and waffles. We sold over 30 plates the first day. I was so excited but mainly shocked.



Fast forward 4 years later and I have cooked for some very iconic people. I've traveled over the world doing private catering. My twang for cheffing has allowed me to take the Mother Earth 999 experiences from regular kickbacks to next-level dinner parties featuring cannabis-infused 3-10 course meals. I've curated over 40+ events & dinner parties, with each one being a sold out. I've rented out entire 42,000 sq indoor waterparks, TWICE. I've had festivals with 2500+ of attendees. My events have drawn attention from NFL, Professionals, Politicians,  NBA athletes, and well-known movers and shakers in Dallas and across the U.S. I've created over 30+ products. I was the lead processor for a Black Female owned dispensary located in Marietta, OK. I've built a loyal customer base that has "multiplied exponentially over the last 4 years which has propelled the Mother Earth brand past your average brand". The Mother Earth brand stretches from D9 syrup, cannabis infused juices, infused catering, merchandise , several topicals, 5 different flavor seasonings , newly offered natural leaf wraps, which just hit the marketing so much more! But most of all Mother Earth University is my greatest creation.


Mother Earth University (MEU) was an idea built out of my frustration. I was tired of having to go down a rabbit hole looking for information. Now don't get me wrong, there were other online courses that were available but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want to pay one huge price for a lot of information I wasn't interested in.

Therefore, Mother Earth University was born with one mission and one goal in mind. To educate those who look like me and everyone around the world on the numerous benefits of cannabis both medicinally and recreationally. We aim to help change the perception of cannabis and allow everyday people the opportunity to take a leap and join this booming industry. The legal cannabis industry is projected to reach $43 Billion dollars by 2025.... Don't you want a piece of that? The Instructors and I are here to make sure that happens. A lot of time and effort was put into this introductory course to give you a preview of just how valuable the information at MEU will be to your life and newfound career.


Stay Medicated,


Mother Earth

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