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Mother Earth 999

Born out of curiosity, Mother Earth developed a profound love and interest in cannabis. In November 2018, she embarked on her journey, experimenting with cannabis-infused innovative dishes, giving birth to "Mother Earth 999" in January 2019. Since then, she has cultivated a trusted brand & loyal customer base that wholeheartedly embraces her passion for all things cannabis.


With multiple products created with 3 in several stores, an online education platform (MEU), curating events, web series and now podcast, Mother Earth's influence has reached diverse audiences.

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Almost 5 Years in Business

I'm grateful for what I've achieved, but there's a strong sense of purpose in me. I'm determined to change the negative perceptions around cannabis, especially for black and brown communities. It's not just about getting high; it's about leaving a meaningful legacy. I'm committed to continuing to excel in this mission



At Mother Earth 999, we're dedicated to reshaping cannabis perceptions. Through top-notch products and services, we empower individuals, challenge stigma, and represent businesses and brands effectively. Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we lead responsibly in the cannabis industry. Driven by integrity, inclusivity, and community, we work towards positive change and a future where cannabis enriches lives


. Our vision is to help you launch and nurture your cannabis ventures. Our premium services encompass product development, branding, marketing, packaging, media, events, and education. With our trusted reputation and inclusive approach, we're where cannabis dreams become reality, reshaping perceptions for a brighter future.

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