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Gaming With Pothead

Attention all gamers and enthusiasts of cannabis culture! This Saturday prepare yourselves for an extraordinary extravaganza of gaming, rewards, and much more! Embrace the collaboration between The Crazy World of Roach and Budd and HCON Gaming as they proudly present "Gaming with Pothead," an event of unparalleled excitement that demands your presence!

HCON Gaming, a community committed to empowering gamers of all types, stands ready to elevate its members' streams and establish their names by embracing their unique playstyles. And what better way to exhibit their talents than by teaming up with Roach and Budd, the ultimate dynamic duo of smoking enthusiasts?

This incredible gathering is generously sponsored by industry titans such as Exclusive Gummies, Weed and Whiskey TV, Cheba Hut, Trilogy, Texas Hemp Reporter, Pretty Rolls and it is powered by Oddleaf Apothecary. These remarkable companies have pledged their support by providing prizes, raffles, and so much more!

Empower yourself with the premium hemp derived products at Oddleaf Apothecary. Crafted to perfection, these exceptional offerings are tailored for gamers seeking serenity and enhanced focus during the most intense gaming endeavors.

Enter the realm of Exclusive Gummies, offering an array of delectable and potent gummy treats. Perfect for gamers seeking unwavering focus and revitalization during their marathon gaming sessions.

Weed and Whiskey TV is an On-Demand TV Network, featuring original, highly-entertaining cannabis & spirit friendly programming.

Indulge your cravings with Cheba Hut, the beloved sandwich chain renowned for serving up mouthwatering munchies that cater to the cannabis enthusiast's appetite.

Trilogy ain't just your regular smoke shop—they're known for throwing those exclusive pop-up events that'll blow your mind. And guess what? Your boy Pothead might just show up and bless the scene.

Based in Austin, Texas, The Texas Hemp Reporter is a monthly magazine tailored for licensed Texas Hemp Growers and industry insiders, offering an in-depth exploration of the thriving Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State, complemented by their engaging podcast, The Texas Hemp Show.

Prepare to be captivated by Pretty Rolls, masters of the art of luxury rolling with their one-of-a-kind pink cones. These stylish creations are destined to enthrall gamers who appreciate indulging cannabis.

Set a reminder on your calendars for the unforgettable experience that is "Gaming with Pothead." Join forces with Roach and Budd, alongside HCON Gaming, for an unrivaled day of gaming, rewards, and boundless entertainment! Admission is free, but participation in the tournaments requires a fee. We eagerly await your presence!


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