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Explore Our Expansive Range Of Services 

Welcome to our Services page, where we provide a diverse range of customized solutions in the thriving cannabis industry. At Mother Earth 999, we offer personalized consultations, expert product development, seamless event planning and hosting, speaking engagements, and impactful media collaborations. Explore our services and let us assist you in maximizing your success and achieving your goals in the cannabis industry.


Book Mother Earth 

Indulge in exquisite private dinners, flawlessly planned events, hosting, speaking engagements & more. Let us bring your vision to life and create unforgettable experiences


Product Delevopment 

Unlock innovation and bring your cannabis product ideas to life. From concept to market-ready solutions, our dedicated team combines industry knowledge, creativity, and attention to detail to deliver exceptional products that stand out in the market.


The Greenhouse

Experience the ultimate in customizable retail spaces on wheels, complete with a lounge area in the back. Rent our versatile storefront for any occasion, whether it's a pop-up shop, birthday party, podcast , promo event, private event, & etc. Elevate your next gathering and make it truly memorable with our unique mobile space.



Discover the power of personalized consultations tailored to your specific needs. With invaluable insights, guidance, and solutions to help you navigate cannabis with confidence 


Media & Promotions

Amplify your brand's presence in with our impactful media collaborations. We leverage strategic partnerships, captivating content, and targeted distribution channels to effectively showcase your brand, expand your reach, and connect with your target aaudience in a meaningful way.



Together, we can create innovative partnerships, foster growth, and drive positive change, shaping the future of cannabis through combined expertise, resources, and shared vision.

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