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Charleston White and The Weed Spot Collaborate on Delta-9 Infused Syrup.

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Controversial personality Charleston White has recently collaborated with superior cannabis store "The Weed Spot" on his own Delta-9 infused Syrup. The Grape Ape flavor is 150 mg Hemp derived Delta-9 THC. At 60ml you get about 10 servings per container. The Weed Spot has it priced for 40 dollars.

Charleston White ( a link to Charleston White's YouTube where he discusses the use and benefits of D9 syrup)

Born and raised in Fort Wort, Texas he grew up in a single mother household. Despite growing up in a middle class neighborhood Charleston still found himself caught up in the streets. He ran away from home at 12 years and began getting in trouble with the older guys around him. One day Charleston decided he was going to steal himself a Starter Jacket so he gathered a few friends and went to the Mall to steal the jackets, after running away to the parking lot a man notices them and tries to stop them after a little tussle Charleston handed his friend a gun and ordered him to shoot the man. The man died from his injuries and Charleston and his 3 friends were charged with capital murder, he was 14 years old. He was sentenced to 12 years for his crimes. After serving 7 years in a juvenile detention center he was released and got into more trouble until he decided to turn his life around. He is now a motivational speaker and founder and CEO of HYPE also know as Helping Young People Excel. This organization is dedicated to educating teens and helping them get away from turning to crime. He gained popularity and also notoriety on social media platforms for his controversial opinions on things like snitching, Nipsey Hussle and George Floyd. He has 154 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 30 thousand followers on YouTube.

The Weed Spot

The Weed Spot is the first of its kind to hit the city of Dallas. It's a legal cannabis store that also dubs as a coffee shop where you can get a little something special added to your coffee. With current locations in Dallas and Houston with also more to come in different cities and states. The Weed Spot is a convenient cannabis store with products ranging from premium edibles, hemp flower, and tinctures. The Weed Spot also carries pet products, bath and body products and also apparel. All products are selected for user friendliness, purity, and effectiveness.


This collaboration might seem like an unusual pairing but both Charleston White and The Weed spot are both very well respected and have connections in these Dallas- Fort Worth Streets.

The Weed Spot main objective is to educate the masses about cannabis and its many medicinal benefits and Charleston is about serving and underserved community. To have them collaborate on a project is very dope to hear because they will be able to reach people that either of them had access to before.

Be sure to click the link below to purchase Mother Earth products like shirts, lip balms, hemp rolls, and edibles all in the store here on the website.

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