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How To Roll A Fronto Leaf In 5 Steps

A Fronto Leaf is a big tobacco leaf that cannabis enthusiasts and artists cut into smaller pieces in order for them to create their blunt or gorilla thumbs. In this blog post, Seaux and Reap will be showing you how to roll a Front Leaf In 5 Steps. Let's get started.

Material You Will Need:


Fronto Leaf

Mother Earth Rolling Tray

What is a Fronto Leaf?

Fronto Leaves are originally from the Caribbean. They are big natural tobacco leafs that are unprocessed and sold in stores. Some may also know them as " Grabba Leafs". Cannabis enthusiasts love to roll up in Fronto Leaves because you can fit so much flower inside of them. These blunts with more than a couple grams inside of them are also known as " Gorilla Thumbs" or "Gorilla Fingers". This is one of Seaux and Reap's Specialties.

Who is Seaux & Reap?

Seaux & Reap books the sexiest, luxury getaways catered to everyone from the Cannacurious to the Cannaisseur. They host excursions & infused suppers. Their trips typically include tours of local dispensaries, sustainability-focused grow operations, and festivals that celebrate legalization in its grandest form! The only catch? You’ve got to be at least 21 years of age or older. You can watch the full Seaux and Reap Episode here, go ahead and follow the Instagram.

Step 1: Grab A Fresh Leaf

First thing you need to do is get yourself a fresh leaf. Make sure you drop by your local smoke shop and grab a couple. Before you even begin rolling take a look at your Fronto Leaf and check to see if it is fresh, if there is any holes or tears, or if it has any stems. If everything checks out then you can get started! Take your leaf, take off any veins or stems, and make sure you cut off a small portion of the leaf so you can start rolling up. Once you have finished move on to the next step.

Step 2: Breakdown Flower

This next part you can do in multiple different ways but Seaux And Reap prefers to break down her flower with her hands, It helps her become one with the plant. If you don't like using your hands or don't like when you hands get sticky then you can always use a grinder. One tip in case you use a grinder, make sure you only grind it a little bit that way you can still have nugs big enough so they wont be fall out.

Step 3: Stuff The Fronto

Once you have your leaf and your flower, Now its time to get into the good part. Grab your Fronto and start stuffing it with all the flower you just broke down. Once you fill it up and all your flower is in there now its time to move onto the next step.

Step 4: Tuck and Roll

You're almost done rolling up. Now that the flower is in the Fronto Leaf its time to tuck and roll. Make sure to evenly distribute all the flower across the leaf and start from one side. Tuck that side neatly and keep doing that until you finish rolling the blunt. Once you have the shape of the blunt and everyone is tucked, now its time to move to final step.

Step 5: Seal it & Enjoy

You are now at the end! Now that you have your blunt it's time to seal it. Many people just lick the blunt to seal it, others us their finger and little bit of water, you do what you're comfortable with. If you lick the blunt to seal it make sure you don't wet the whole thing and if you do toast it to dry it out. Once you finish sealing it, it's time to enjoy your beautiful masterpiece.

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