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How To Roll A Mini Blunt In 5 Steps

Are you tired of people rolling up for you? We're here to help. Today De La Stoner will be teaching you How To Roll A Mini Blunt in 5 Steps.

Materials You Will Need:


Swisher Sweet Mini

Mother Earth Rolling Tray

What Is A Mini Blunt?

Rolling A Mini Blunt is one of De La Stoners' Specialties. He uses a Swisher Sweet Mini Cigarillo to roll up his blunts. Blunts are similar to joints but instead of using paper you are using a cigarillo or leaf wrap.

Who is De La Stoner?

De La Stoner is a cannabis influencer out of San Antonio, Texas. He hosts events, creates comedy skits, and is the only to ever roll a mini on the How To Roll Series. If you want to look more into De La Stoner go check out his How To Roll Episode here and his Instagram.

1st Step: Grab Your Tray

We stay branded around here so of course De La Stoner had to pick up the Mother Earth Rolling Tray. Any surface you can roll up on is good as well but for more comfortability and style you need to pick up your Mother Earth Tray.

2nd Step: Grab Your Flower

De La Stoner loves his flower so he had to get a big whiff of that beautiful nug before breaking it down. There are different ways to break down your flower and De La Stoner prefers to break it down with his hands than with a grinder. Just a couple of facts; when you break down the flower with your hands it will actually help your blunt burn a little slower. When you grind your flower it will help keep a consistent amount of flower throughout the whole blunt will help give it a more even burn.

3rd Step: Breakdown Mini

"Spread The Ass Cheeks". Grab your mini and split it down the middle. A majority of the people will just use there hands but others sometimes use a razor blade to cut it down the middle. De La Stoner prefers to break down his mini rillo with his bare hands. Take out the guts, clean the inside and you're ready to move forward to the next step.

4th Step: Tuck and Roll

Once you have your flower and mini rillo broken down then its time to start tucking and rolling. First make sure you evenly distribute your flower throughout the mini blunt. Once its all in there start at one end and tuck the flower down and roll, keep doing this it until you get through the whole blunt.

5th Step: Seal it

Once your done tucking and rolling make sure you seal your blunt properly or you will end up playing your blunt like a flute. All you need to do is wet the inside of the mini rillo and then you will be able to seal your blunt. Do Not Lick The Whole Blunt. Nobody likes a wet blunt. If you do have a wet blunt then just bake the blunt. Carefully hold the lighter a couple inches away from the blunt and move it from side to side so it can dry. Once you do that now you are ready to light up.



How To Roll A Mini Blunt With De La Stoner Full Episode Is Now Streaming on Vanta Black TV on Roku.

How To Roll San Antonio Ft. De La Stoner

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