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How To Roll A Diamond Swisher Ft. Motherearth999

Motherearth999 will be teaching you all How To Roll A Diamond Swisher on this blog post. The whole video is available if you prefer or you can keep scrolling and follow a step by step guide down below. Motherearth999 only smokes Diamond Swishers and that is all she has ever smoked she has definitely put in her 10,000 hours, you could call her an expert.

Let's get into it.

Step 1 - Grab Your Supplies

First and foremost you need your handy dandy rolling supplies. Get your Motherearth999 Magnetic Rolling Tray, get your Diamond Swisher, and get your favorite type of herb.

Step 2 - Break Down Your Supplies

Grab your herb and break it down, you can use your hands or your grinder for this part. Once you are done breaking down your favorite type of broccoli, go ahead and pick up your swisher. All you need to do now is break down your Diamond Swisher and you will be one step closer to getting properly medicated.

Step 3 - Pack Your Swisher

Now grab your diamond swisher and wet the edges just a bit. Once that is finished now it is time to start packing your swisher. Spread your flower evenly throughout your swisher and make sure that you don't have any seeds or stems in there.

Step 5 - Tuck, Roll, and Seal

You have made it to the final step. Make sure your Diamond Swisher is packed evenly. Now its time to tuck, roll, and seal. Motherearth999 starts her tuck and roll from left to right, you can roll right to left if that is what you're comfortable with. Once you start tucking and rolling make sure you seal it just don't slather your spit all over it. Nobody likes a wet blunt.

Step 6 - Time To Medicate

Once you're finished sealing your diamond swisher, now its time to properly medicate. Enjoy your masterpiece.

That's How You Roll.

You made it to the end of How To Roll a Diamond Swisher Ft. Motherearth999. Hopefully you learned a thing or two about how to properly roll a swisher sweet.

If you are interested in purchasing Motherearth999 Magnetic Rolling Tray go to the website and go to the shop tab to get any accessories or merch you may need. Mother Earth University is opened for enrollment, we currently have our FREE "Introduction into Cooking with Cannabis" Course available now. See you on the next How To Roll blog post and if you want to be a part of our How To Roll Series then send us a DM on Instagram.

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