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How Becoming a student at Mother Earth University can benefit your future.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Mother Earth University began in March 2020. MEU offers a FREE "Introduction Into Cooking With Cannabis" course it is an overview that briefly describes what the cannabis plant is, some medical benefits it has, and it covers the different types of consumption methods. Cooking With Cannabis 101 is a break down on everything from learning edible recipes, understanding the science behind cannabis, and tips on starting you own business just to name a few. If you haven’t became a student yet here are 4 Key Things you can learn by enrolling in Mother Earth University.

Learn Valuable Knowledge and Tips from Mother Earth

Mother Earth University is filled with great knowledge and tips from Mother Earth herself. She has 4 years of great experience in the cannabis industry. This course is very hands on and easy to navigate through. A great feature is you get to answer questions from a previous slide you may have viewed earlier. This lets us know that along with giving us the knowledge Mother Earth University also wants to make sure we are paying attention and taking the knowledge in for later on. This course is also big on safety and making sure you use the right measurements while cooking. Your first question probably would be how much is this going to cost me? And that’s the other awesome feature "Introduction into cooking with cannabis" is completely free and you’re welcome to come back and go through it again. A new course Cooking with Cannabis 101 was just introduced and can be purchased for a single payment of $49.99 you don't want to miss out on this.

Learn how to make canna-butter to make edibles

When making any edible or cannabis infused meal the most important ingredient you will most likely need is canna-butter or cannabis oil. This course will carefully teach all the steps you need to make canna-butter. Mother Earth makes sure to teach you the right measurements to ensure you are consuming safely. Canna-butter is butter infused with cannabis used to make some of your edible favorites like brownies, cakes, and cookies.

Create your own business

This course and more courses to come will give you a great guiding tool to start your own business in the cannabis industry. You can learn directly from someone with a successful cannabis business. Learn all of the science behind some of your favorite strains. Learn how to make a full course meal infused with cannabis and use this to start a very successful food business. You can find it all at Mother Earth University.

Become a part of a growing community

Become apart of a community free of censorship and connect with people who want to do more than just consume cannabis. In this community you can engage with future business partners and discuss ideas and plans. You can join this growing community by clicking the link below.

Mother Earth University is a great educational course you that you can be a part of very easily and the course Introduction into cooking cannabis is entirely Free.

Be sure to visit the online store for your MotherEarth999 products like edibles, T-Shirts, lip balms, backpacks, hats, duffel bags, hoodies, rolling trays, stickers, and Cooking Aprons.

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