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Perks Of Joining A Mother Earth Webinar

Mother Earth University is hosting its first Online Webinar today and we want you to be a part of history. This will be the first webinar of many to come. We will be hosting weekly webinars, workshops, and monthly in person seminars. We want to build a community where you can exchange thoughts and ideas with people who are doing the same thing as you.

What you will learn inside this webinar is the basics of cooking with cannabis, such as what edibles are, how you make them, how to identify the difference between authentic edibles and bullshit edibles . We'll talk about the medical benefits of edibles, the differences between Cannabutter and Cannaoil, we'll also touch on the dosing formula and decarboxylation.

This webinar is a sneak preview into what is inside the "Cooking with Cannabis 101" course. This is a self paced course and when purchased you have life time access so you can always go back and reference the course if needed. Mother Earth, CEO of Motherearth999 LLC and Dean of Mother Earth University, will be teaching you live about the basics of cooking with cannabis. Mother Earth has been cooking with cannabis going on 4 years and she has definitely put in her 10,000 hours in the kitchen. She has cooked for celebrities, athletes, and even private school principals. She'll be talking about her struggles, her achievements, and any lessons she's learned along the way.

This live webinar will not be like your regular class. Bring ALL your supplies and get ready to learn a thing or two about this emerging industry.

If you want to sign up now then you'll receive an exclusive discount code for any MEU products we have to offer, to sign up click here.

If you want want to join our telegram community for exclusive content and updates click here.

If you already signed up then we look forward to seeing you later today!!

October 10th, 2022


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