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Want A Job In Cannabis? Read Now !!

We’ve been constantly talking about how to transition in cannabis but it’s been solely through entrepreneurship. Today, we thought we’d change that. There are so many other jobs in the cannabis industry and just in case you were looking for other ways to get in… We are going to give you a list of jobs that are available either in the area or remote. If entrepreneurship is not your thing and you think you would be an asset to someone else's company. Take a look at the list below. And if you do decide to apply just let them know that Mother Earth sent you.

Cannabis Regulations Attorney

Packaging Specialist

Cultivation Manager

Assistant Grower / Cultivation Technician

Dispensary Associate

Cannabis Consultant ( Budtender) At Zar

You can always apply to be a Brand Ambassador with Mother Earth, NO upfront cost just guaranteed money if you're willing to work. Email us at

We’ll be dropping more jobs soon. Make sure to keep a lookout on emails, we have loads of things coming up and you don't wanna miss out.

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