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The Heavens Cup is an one of kind experience curated by the Mother Earth 999 team. It’s one of the most anticipated monthly events for the culture ! The main concern for these events is SAFETY ! We care about it first.

Mother Earth has been throwing events since January 2019 and they’ve been going up ever since ! With only flopping 2 events since then, Mother Earth is and still remains and powerhouse in the cannabis movement in the south !

After running into many problems with venue owners, Mother Earth was introduced to Meka Jackson: Founder , CEO and co-Owner of “Creators Don’t Die” the number 1 creative space on the DFW area.

After meeting Meka , Mother Earth has been utilizing the CDD since then! Meka is one of the only venue owners in the city that’s respects Mother Earths vision , her crowd and her contribution to the cannabis community! From there - The Heavens Cup was born ! A monthly experience for vendors , business owners , patients and consumers to meet up - share business ideas , display products and you prolly could meet your next business partner or investor here ! A Mother Earth event is more about having a good time and spreading education to a group of people who know nothing about the cannabis plant as a whole ! These are events I promise you don't wanna miss

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